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What is the Pre-Competitve Program?


Pre-competitive is a “bridge” program that is open to athletes by coach recommendation only, and is for athletes who have demonstrated the physical, technical, and mental ability for this specialized program. This program is for athletes with the desire to become stronger and more flexible, and is a great introduction to competitive gymnastics. The focus throughout the program is on advanced fundamental movement patterns, strength, flexibility, and mental/emotional preparation.


Program Length, Fees, and Schedule


The pre-competitive program is an annual 12-month training program beginning in July and ending in June. This program requires a commitment from the athlete and parents for the full 12-months, however if there is a need to withdraw, this can be done at any time throughout the year provided a 60-day notice (or fees in lieu) given via email to our Office Coordinator, Melissa Bowley at


Where does my child go after pre-competitive?


The goal of the pre-competitive program is to transition athletes into the Competitive stream; athletes will gain the knowledge and experience to join different programs such as a higher level recreational class or the Xcel/Interclub program, if competitive is not the right fit. The pre-competitive coaches will be assessing athletes throughout the program year and recommending level/program adjustments as necessary.



The Competitive program is for high level gymnastics athletes, and the program is by coach invitation or assessment only. For information on our Competitive Programs, contact the contact person below:


Competitive Coordinator

Nicole Czerniakowski (


Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Head Coach: Paulo Pena (


Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

Head Coach: Kris Krunick (