Pre-Teen, Teen, and Adult Programs (non-tested)

These programs are not tested and are suitable for ages 9+ years of all talent and skill levels! 

Pre-Teen Beginner Class

This program is ideal for pre-teens that are new to gymnastics or have completed up to level 4 in CanGym but do not want a tested program. Participants will learn gymnastics at their own spee. With help and guidance from their instructor, participants will set realistic goals for their session and work towards achieving them.

Class length: 85 minutes

Ages: 9 to 12 years

Price: $100/month


Adult Gymnastics Class

This is a great opportunity for adults who have little to no gymnastics experience but would like to learn. The class will do a group warm-up and stretch, and then work with the instructor on the different apparatus. Goals can be set with your instructor who will then help you work towards achieving them. This class runs at the same time as Adult Drop In, and your class enrolment includes staying for the last 30 minutes of Adult Drop In to practice skills.

Class length: 55 minutes

Ages: 17+ years

Price: $75/month